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RSS Aline2E

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1 point

It should not be compulsory because this go against to the bureaucracy right and, once the citizens do not have this obligation, the politicians would improve their planning of candidacy, suggesting better and faster solutions (realistic too, of course) and making voters turn their attention to him (take the example of Obama's campaign: his strategy of using the power of the internet and social networks to attract young voters).

1 point

Who wants to keep a gun at home must have a special training for this and, unfortunately, we all know that this not what really happens in Brazil.

2 points

Have you people seen the situation of the jails around Brazil? It is full of criminals and traffickers that should got his sentences long time ago, what makes the jails clogged of people, what makes the situation of prisioners ever worse to live, without a dignified place to be, without hygiene and, most of the time, living with criminals even worse than them.

I know this is a judiciary weakness issue, but a lot of them are just there, keep doing what the used to do outside, trafficking with help of people who still free.

If it is proved that this person is guilty of a horror crime and (in the case of traffickers, also) the responsable of the death of someone else, this person deserves to have the extreme consequence and get a death penalty.

1 point

Since we know that the baby does not going to live, there is no reason to keep the suffering of the family and the abortion would just relieve a little this pain.

Besides, it is not healthy for the mother's mind or body: she carries this baby for months and plans the future with him, love this child before his birth and, once she got this news, it crushes her so much that she would fall apart and keep this body would cause false expectations on his mind.

The woman is already fragile when she is pregnant, why do the doctors let she feed the illusion of this child, that not going to live at all?

It is a hard and skeptical point of view, but it is best than cause more pain feeding some false expectations.

1 point

I think this kind of issue at school it is a little bit awkward, since it must be discuss at home, with family, for some reasons: one, in Brazil there is no professionals qualify to teach this to the students and this requires that the Government spend more money and qualification for those professionals; two, the sex life of any person have to be private and this class could expose the children and teenagers, making them unconfortable with the school envirenment.

Furthermore, this issue could stimulate the premature sex life.

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