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RSS Jefferson1E

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1 point

The theme "sexuality" has always been seen as a taboo, which means people rather ignore the subject than openly discuss it and therefore avoid undesired consequences. Nowadays, information about sex is available for eveyone but not everything is appropriated for the youngest generations. If Sex Education becomes mandatory in our schools, this might be a chance for teenagers to get helpful information that will guide them through this process of change and discovery that is adolescence. By doing that, the statistics for teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, rape, and other sex-related problems might change for the better, since the students will have enough acknowledgement to prevent these issues from happening.

1 point

I agree that prostitution should be legalized. By regularizing prostitution as a profession, it would bring several benefits, such as the reduction of the violence they suffer, it might also reduce the propagation of sexually transmitted diseases and will give a better life to those workers. Since our society was built with a foundation that repress everything connected with sexuality, the prejudice suffered by prostitutes will not end and might even increase, because a great amount of the people will be against it. But the process of legalization should not stop because of that, our society needs to accept that everyone should be responsible for their own lives and bodies and if it is their choice to follow this career, it should be respected

1 point

I agree that voting should not be compulsory because it goes against the principles of democracy. People should not be obligated to do anything. Choosing the politics that will represent you in the government is a decision that must be made after a lot of research and, unfortunately, it is not something that everyone is up for. With the compulsory voting law, a great amount of people who are not interested in politics end up voting just to fulfill their obligation and not because they want those candidates to represent their beliefs before the society. If voting were not compulsory, only people really interested in the matter and therefore reflects about this important decision before making it would actually vote. Probably then we would live in a country with a good political system.

1 point

I agree that LIBRAS should be a compulsory subject in schools because it is very important to make it easier for the deaf community to be included in all the portions of our society. Even though the deaf are not a majority, they should be able to have a normal life, without having problems to go somewhere because he or she might not b understood by the people there. By teaching the Brazilian Sign Language in school, we will be able to provide a better future to our next generations with a country where people can easily communicate with each other. Of course prepared teachers will be needed, therefore, LIBRAS should be already a compulsory subject in college for those who want to teach children so in a few years from now we will have capacitate teachers and students learning how to communicate with deaf people and helping our society by making it more accessible to everyone.

1 point

I agree that quotas are not a way to ensure higher education for the poorer segments of society. It is only a way to diverge the attention from the real problem, which is the educational system. The lack of investments in this branch shows how our government does not care about changing what is really wrong and only want to make a few adjustments so it may seems that they are actually doing a very good job, which is not the case. The quotas system might help a few students who really want to get into a public university, but even with that, it is still very hard and almost impossible for the majority of those who studied their whole life in public schools. This is not a solution, that is the reason why I am against it. The help that the government provides to the students of poorer segments of society stops there, it is a way to make people think they are actually doing something to change the problem.

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