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1 point

I agree as well that people should be free to decide what to do with their own bodies. Prostitution is not the only kind of job which presents some risks and illegal issues. There are lots of careers in which people are involved with drugs or other crimes. Actually, as prostitution would get prostitutes off the streets, it would prevent them from being raped or suffer from any kind of agression. In conclusion, the problem is not the prostitution itself, but the causes and consequences of it.

1 point

It seems really nice that the teachers and their students used to play soccer and had a good time together. And actually, it is very important for teachers and students to have a connection in order to create a relationship in which both of them can be pleased, specially if it may help the students to learn and pay more attention to the classes.

In this case you mentioned, it worked. But we must agree on that: it was a little bit dangerous, since this kind of interaction could have brought some problems, such as disrespect from the students to their teachers and benefits from the teachers to their students.

I had a teacher who always said that he liked to talk and interact with all the students, but we would never see him out of the school hanging out or even just chatting with his students. And that is why in spite of it is good to keep up a good relationship, there are some bounderies that should exist and be respected. Even because in Brazil the students are not used to respect seriously their teachers - so this kind of relationship will probably confuse them.

2 points

I agree with Tamara. I first saw Vitoria on Youtube (a video copy of a TV program) and in spite of the love of the family for the child and Vitoria's sweeterness and tenderness, it is very difficult to raise and take care of a baby like her. Her condition requires special (and expensive) treatments, she is not like normal children, who can learn how to do things by themselves, she will always need special care and someone else's help to do everything - from eating to taking a shower or using the bathroom. And it is because she lived, because she has acrania and is not anencephalic. But since there is a reliable diagnosis for anecephaly, I think that abortion of anencephalic babies should be certainly considered! Vitoria is lucky to be loved and well-treated. But what about families who cannot afford the special treatments nor cannot show love because of this condition? We should face it: there is a lot of people who still thinks that babies with special conditions are supposed to die or be abandoned. We live in a world full of prejudice. How do you think that Vitoria is going to live when she is older? Or if her parents die? It is not a healthy life at all.

2 points

In Brazilian schools there is not a specific subject about sex education. Still, in the humdrum events of daily life, children can watch spicy scenes in a soap-opera, a movie and even in the streets, or see a magazine picture. These situations may obviously provoke a natural curiosity in the children about sex. If there were sex education classes in school, then all the students would get enough information to learn everything they should know about it, so they can have a good and healthy sex life later, when they are ready to.

In fact, most parents do not feel comfortable to talk about sex with their children, and neither do the children. The teenagers usually get information only with friends, which is not something reasonable, since they probably rely on what they learnt from television programs, websites and web blogs that are not always reliable. Even if a father or a mother feels open to talk to their son or daughter about sex, they may not have enough recent information about sex or anything related to it. After all, we always have something to learn. For this reason it is necessary to have a well-trained professional who knows how to approach this theme to teenagers and also to their parents, because it is also important to them, since they probably still have doubts. This way, they would know that this subject should be faced seriously and if they can trust the teacher and the school.

It might be surprising that in the 21st century students may only get information about sex in Biology or Science classes. It is certainly not enough, since these subjects will not discuss everything related to sex. They usually focus on life matters such as “a baby is made through sexual intercourse between a man and a woman” and teaches about prevention, telling that “AIDS, HPV and syphilis are sexually transmitted diseases, so that is why it is important to always use a condom”. A sex education class would treat and discuss themes like early pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, contraceptive methods, menstrual cycle, masturbation, male and female reproductive systems and phases of the human development and of pregnancy. Besides, it is very important for the teacher of this subject to be prepared to deal with possible psychological issues some children may have – such as repression or sex abuse history –, and also the teacher needs to develop discussions about relationships, feelings, emotions and sexual orientation. Some Biology teachers may not be capable of doing this.

In countries such as United States or Canada, sex education programs have been in their syllabuses for decades. It is high time Brazil developed special classes to promote a healthy sex education to its youth.

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