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RSS Paula2E

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1 point

Yes, that is unfortunately true. I think everyone is relying too much on technology and forgetting the real life. Every day we see fewer dialogs between parents and their kids, teachers and their students, bosses and employees. Why would one discuss a problem or make a question when Google is there, a click away? People should start to disconnect a little bit, technology is very helpful and it is good that it keeps developing so we have tools to help us in our daily routines; however, it is very important that people do not start replacing real experiences in life for virtual ones.

2 points

I agree with Carol. “an eye for an eye” is the best way to punish the ones who kill with no explanation but self defense. Confessed murderers, specially, should be killed in the same way they killed their victims. That is justice, straight and simple.

This also a terrific manner to reduce the number of over crowded jails all over the country.

1 point

Prostitution should be legalized as any other profession there is. Everyone is free to make their choices in life and if someone chooses to be a prostitute we should respect this decision just as well we respect someone that chooses to be a doctor or a plumber. There is no difference between them, after all everybody has gotten bills to pay - how they choose to earn their money is not what truly matters in the end, since no one is getting hurt or injured.

There is a different topic when discussing prostitution and that is sexual exploitation. I would never agree with something as cruel as that. However, if our free will is being used, there is nothing wrong with being a prostitute.

1 point

To my mind, sex education should be thought in schools all the way through elementary school (5ª a 8ª série). This is a critical period which kids are becoming teenagers and dealing with so many changes in their bodies, minds and social groups. Of course it should be thought by psychologists very well trained to deal with those young minds that are starting to see life from a different angle. The bottom line for those classes should be INFORMATION. No one would be invited to talk about their own lives, they should learn that it is a very personal topic and it is not supposed to be shared or discussed in the classroom, however it also shouldn’t be a taboo: the teenagers have to be comfortable enough to ask their questions very naturally (without risking to feel embarrassed in front of the classmates) to people that are there to help them, only aiming their well being and happiness. Information, about anything, is never enough; we can always learn something new and acknowledge it for life. Adolescence is a very delicate phase in everyone’s life and having someone well prepared to help may become something priceless in those teenagers’ lives.

1 point

I am against quotas of any kind. The most government encourage this kind of “bonus” for an individual considering their color, religion, background or any other characteristic - the more they encourage prejudice among society. For me it is quite clear that when someone or something is acknowledge as “different”, it will be looked at and treated differently. Having in mind the premise that everybody is equal and should be treated with equality despite their color, religion or social status it is inconceivable to have a government which gives one a chance assuming he is different from the majority in some aspect. A person has to be accepted in a University only for his intelligence and his capacity to learn and absorb as much knowledge as possible.

In a country where women fight for their rights to be just like men, people claim that homophobia became a crime and racism is already considered a crime, how can quotas be acknowledge as benefic when it puts labels on people and segregates human beings by “kinds”?

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