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RSS Marcus2E

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Most of the people use free plastic bags to discard their trash. Without this plastic bags they will surely use the plastic bags that they will have to buy. It is quite simple. It is only a change of "free" to "pay".

Only prohibit the supermarkets of distribute the plastic bags will not bring any benefit to the nature.

The government has to stimulate the population to recycle the trash, creating programs of selective collecting, not only establish a ban on plastic bags, which in the end only will increase corporate profits.

2 points

Death Penalty could be a penalty for who committed a crime for a second time.

For instance, a drug dealer who served time in prison and return to commit the same crime.

All kind of opportunity should be given to re-socialize a people, among it education and work preparation. However those that after receiving a new opportunity to live in the midst of society back to crime again, demonstrate their complete inability to live in communion with the good people.

Several men practice the crime of rape against his own daughters, causing a trauma that will be taken for the rest of their life. After a short time in prison those men are back to streets and free to commit the same crime again.

1 point

I agree with Ingrid's point of view. Legalizing prostitution, despite the common sense, will bring to government the control of the activity.

Legalization will take the prostitutes off the marginalization and support the legal rights of these people. This action will make prostitutes think about retirement, contribute to the social security and enjoy of all rights that any citizen has.

Thus, maintain prostitution in marginality is to stimulate the degradation to which people who lives in covert activities are subject.

1 point

I agree with the previous arguments. Rio de Janeiro is the Brazilian city most known internationally. In fact the Summer Olympics Games 2016 will increase this status. Increasing the number of tourists is just one of the benefits that the city will receive.

To receive people of the entire world the government will have to make many investments in the infrastructure of the city.

The Olympics Games will last one month only, however the benefits will for last decades.

1 point

Marcus Vinicius e Paula Rosa

Guns are responsible for over 39 thousand deaths a year in Brazil, which is more than 107 deaths a day. It is more likely to die as a victim of gun violence in Brazil than in a country embattled by civil wars.

Having a gun at home for self-protection is just as imprudent as stopping at the red light at 3am in downtown of São Paulo – you are claiming to be a victim of violence – either urban violence or accidental violence.

It is well known that having weapons at home is no more secure than not having them. Keeping guns for self defense means you are prepared to react to any kind of conflict that may happen in your house: if a thief invades your property you may think you have a great chance to defeat him – or, at least, to scare him away. The possession of a gun brings self-confidence and the idea of security. Though it may be helpful, it is stated that the worse way to act in a robbery is REACTING to it; one most probably is going to accidentally shoot a member of the family while trying to hit the outlaw.

This is not the only harm that having a gun at home might cause. People all over the world are tired of hearing in the news about individuals armed with weapons who enters school and kills innocent people (it does not matter if they are rich or poor, in USA or in Brazil, this kind of crime has become common). A very noticeable example of this happened in Rio de Janeiro, at a school in the neighborhood of Realengo: a man invaded the school campus and killed eleven children before shooting himself dead. If he didn’t happen to have a gun at home, there would be minimal chances for this violent event to have occurred.

Besides that, accidental deaths by misusing of guns are far more often than we may think. Children that find weapons in their houses and happen to play with them or show them to their friends, most likely end up killing themselves or the people around by accidental shots. Once there is a weapon at home, domestic violence most likely ends up in shooting and even death of a family member.

There is no such thing as being protected by something that kills: this is not protection, this is reaction – and if you need a gun for that reaction, it is no longer about self-defense, it is about killing.

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