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1 point

I stand for not legalizing prostitution because the way I see this issue there is a serious problem to be taken in consideration before trying to legalize it :children prostitution. As a result of this illegal practice it is seen all over the country children prostituting due to the struggling life conditions. They found a way to get by selling their bodies in exchange of money, food and even to obtain drugs. According to UNICEF 250 million children are in the sex industry. It is said that if legalized, children prostitution will be banish, what I personally do not take in consideration due to the fact that children labor is forbidden as well, however there are children who are under the minimum work age and are hired to do physical work and paid with low salaries. Having the right to use the body to do what one wants its not the main question about legalizing prostitution. It gets worse worse when it regards to the problems caused by prostitution. Encouraging sex industry would certainly aggravate the situation of these explored children making them more and more dependent of this practice as a way to live.

1 point

Regarding the censorship to violent and sexual programs that could encourage children or teenagers to change their behavior, what is essential is parents being aware of what their children are up to when watching television or surfing the Internet. It is not the government duty to take care of their education. Parents should transmit what they consider to be good for their children. Since there is variety of social background, every child should be guide in order to become an adult influenced by his family traditions. Besides, they should raise their children to be able to integrate in the society and capable of choosing what is good for them, without the guidance of someone who offers only what is appropriated for them.

1 point

Voting is an important social tool through which citizens perform their citizenship in order to elect representative and capable people who can help society. Due to this importance, voting should be taken as a serious issue, and election after election the electorate seem to be less interested on it, and voting just because it is compulsory. This lack of knowledge about the candidates and their proposals is common throughout people. The minority who is interested on knowing about the changes proposed by candidates cannot elect good ones due to the majority who vote “blind”. Voting should not be compulsory, bu its importance should be an issue to be treated in schools, companies and every public space. The awareness of its importance should be developed in advance of the electoral period.

1 point

There is no doubt that the use of plastic bags is harmful to the evironment and an encouragement to reduce the use of them is crucial. However, the way this is being made does not regard only on evironmental issues. It is beyond the matter of sustainability, where supermarkets are taking an advantage by profiting on the sale of those “ green bags” or “eco bags”. The way I see it , supermarkets should provide customers proper cointainers to put the goods in. Every time you go shopping you need to chase for boxes, that most of the time have been used to store products for cleaning, what could contaminate your food due to the remaing substances on it. It is the supermarket responsability to do it for its customers, once your are shopping in that establishment, it must provide you bags or especific boxes for you to take home your food in hyeginic and good condition.

1 point

Being a teacher, the way I see the relationship between teacher and student, it appears that when a teacher attempts to gain his students confidence in very informal away it is harder in later time to show he is the authority in the classroom.Besides, lacking authority is harmful for students process of learning because being not aware of the role that a student must have in the classroom, both teacher and students have difficulty being in the same wavelength.Under no circumstance it is important to establish a teacher-student relationship in which a teacher is someone who will guide them in their process of learning being a students ally, not making use of the authority to oblige the them to learn.On account of having a good relationship learning will be a smooth and healthy process.

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