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I think that freedom speech could exists together with media censorship. We have a mistaken idea that our media is free because there is no censorship. However, what we see is that the dominant class is responsible for all most circulated news, through newspapers or TV's newspapers. If we had a regulated media, we would have more plurality in our televisions programs, magazines and newspapers. It would be one of the advantages of a good media's administration.

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Nobody can deny that prostitution exists in Brazil and all over the world.Coinsidering the extension of a country like Brazil, it is impossible to think about a solution that will completely eliminate the problem of prostitution. Possible there are hundreds of people suffering sexual abuse but they cannot report it because there is not a government body that is responsible for it. Something that must be done by the government is to define the difference between the sexual abuse and the prostitution. It means that a prostitute is conscious of her act, so she is not suffering sexual abuse. However, before do it is necessary to legalize and regularize prostitution, so a person who suffers sexual abuse could not be misunderstood as a prostitute. It would avoid plenty of women having their bodies violated without any defense' s rights.

Legalizing the prostitution would permit the recognition and punishment of sexual abuses and a regularization for the prostitutes that would protect them for exploitation.

5 points

( tiagor1E and guilherme1E)

Plagiarism should not be considered an intellectual theft since the attempts to define it are not enough - as they can not support the problem’s length. If we adopt the plagiarism definition as "the inappropriate use of words or ideas from others people without accrediting to them acknowledgment", it obliges us to look and think about the other side of the problem.

As we live in a global culture , more and more people are able to access the Internet and therefore finding there lots of information. Many available sources do not bring the name of the author or something else proving "possession" of one’s idea. Sometimes, even if it brings we will never know about the originality of these ideas. It is known that some thoughts can be influenced by others. Even though, nothing hinders two people to reach the same conclusion by different ways. In case it happens, what we may say about that is: Who is the owner of the ideas? Who is the copier? Who has the most original idea? Who belongs the credits of discovering?

The point become harder if we discuss the situation of the university students. Getting into university you are faced with unknown issues on which you will have to write about. So, plagiarism could be considered a developmental stage for writers who " are working in unfamiliar discourse, when they must work monologically with the words and ideas of a source text" Howard (1995).

Thus, apply a definition to plagiarism as intellectual theft in every occasion does not seem fair. Each situation is supposed to be analysed. Or better, every enviroment / context the student is incorporated in must be considered.

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