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RSS Washington2E

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If it is a move to protect the environment they (supermarkets) should go back to paper bags that we used for a long time in the past. It is not a decision in good faith. Actually we are consuming now more waste plastic bags that we need to buy and are poorer in quality.

1 point

The only censorship acceptable is the one performed by the citizen, refusing papers, magazines, radio and tv stations that hurt ethical behaviour. It is not reasonable to think that a group of civil servants will be the consciousness of a nation.

1 point

Keeping guns and weapons for self-protection as a general strategy is a non-sense. Common people will never be able to use guns properly. Therefore, I'm also against prohibiting citizens keeping guns if they want, unless the State is capable to enforce prohibition completely and totally, including bandits and criminals of all kind.

1 point

This is a Olympic size waste of money. Like Soccer World Cup, the country will put an enormous amount of money on sites, premises and equipment that after the games there will be no use and will favor corruption. Besides that, if it is like World Cup, we will abdicate of our sovereignity, removing laws related to public health and taxes.

1 point

I am against legalization because it is not illegal in our country.

1 point

I do not agree to compulsory voting system considering: (i) the current Federal Constitution is illegitimate due to the Congress that wrote e voted it was not elected to do it; (ii) it is not democratic to oblige people to vote, if someone decides to be absent in an election, this is a way to demonstrate his/her will; (iii) the compulsory system hides the repulse and nausea caused by politicians we have.

4 points

Arguments against abortion of anencephalic babies

In order to introduce the question, it is important to establish the proper ground on which we intend to conduct our discussion: the value of Life.

It is true that medical researchers point out that anencephaly is fatal in 100% of cases, half of the fetuses dying before birth and almost all of other half does not survive the first 48 hours, and the longest known case 7 months.

It is also true that following the happiness of knowing baby is coming, the anxiety goes towards the baby’s gender and health. It is understandable and common to see parents praying or hoping child born perfect, without any abnormalities. In this context, knowing or getting the diagnosis of anencephaly must be one of the strongest pains that a mother could possibly suffer. To live for months the anguish of a hopeless pregnancy for sure is an unbearable burden that a mother will experience, especially in psychological side.

But, in real life, we always need to consider priorities. So, in our opinion, what we are discussing is choosing between baby’s life and mother’s pain. We think that no matter what doctors say, there is life in the baby-to-come. It is not a scientific discussion, but a moral discussion. Although respecting and taking into full consideration the painful situation for a mother, we have no other choice than siding Life.

Dominique Van Parys de Wit Girard

Washington Cristiano Kato

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